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  Auto/Hand Check Writer >> Hand Check Writer (Golden-009)

Hand Check Writer (Single Currency Type & Custom Prefix)


As a special office equipment, the product can write the amount of money on checks and other bills, widely used in banks, financial system, companies and department stores. Main characters of the product are clean write of written number on the front of checks, apparent protruding on the back of checks, anti- counterfeit and alter proof.

Features & Specifications


1. 10 digital number, 2 decimal number or 12 digital number.

2. Single character size: 4.2mm(W) x 4.8mm(H)
3. Automatic winding and reversing function of ribbon.
4. Movable word bar shift function in imprinting when to embossing different length of figures, movable word bar can shift next to the most digit automatically. The embossing form as follows example:

    EXACTLY 1,234,567,890.45 CTS or
    EXACTLY 90.45 CTS or

5. Movable wordbar can be replaced by special banks symbols (have 7-8 characters). Form as follows example:
    CITIBANK 1,234,567,890.45CTS or
    HSBC HK 90.45 CTS or

6. Movable wordbar can be replaced by multiform currency symbols. Form as follows example:

    USD1,234,567,890.45CTS or
90.45 CTS


Packing Details:


Net weight: 6.5 kg
Dimension size: 280x172x162(mm)

Qty/Carton: 2 Units

G.Wt./Carton: 14.5.00 kg

Carton Size: 67X42X32 cm




Can specify banks symbols or any one currency symbol.

Print Ribbon (Black or Red 250 cm length & 12 cm wide)




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