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Automatic Coin Sorter Counter  


Coin Counter & Coin Sorter Machine is high technical product with light, electronic and mechanism. It can sort and count different kinds coins, it has the feature of high accuracy rating and accurate counting. It is used by banks, supermarket and small shops widely, it is your good assistant with finance.


Features & Specifications


Ambient temperature: 0 0C~40 0C

Ambient humidity: 30~80%

Hopper capacity: 350~400 units

Each receiving slot capacity: 80~250 units

Counting speed: 260 units/min

Batch preset number display: 3 Digits LED

Counting number display: 4 Digits LED

Power source: AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/60HZ

Power consumption: 15W


Packing Details:


Dimensions: 355X330X266mm

Net weight:3.5kg

Qty/Carton: 2 Units

G.Wt./Carton: 12.20 kg

Carton Size: 77X39.5X33.5 cm




Coin Tubes





Golden-350(ARS): Argentine coin

Golden-350(AUD): Australian coin

Golden-350(BHD): Bahraini coin

Golden-350(BRL): Brazilian coin

Golden-350(BGL): Bulgarian coin

Golden-350(CAD): Canada coin

Golden-350(CSK): Czech coin

Golden-350(EUR): European coin

Golden-350(GHC): Ghana coin

Golden-350(HUF): Hungarian coin

Golden-350 (INR): India coin

Golden-350 (IDR): Indonesia coin

Golden-350 (IRR): Iran coin

Golden-350 (ILS): Israeli coin

Golden-350(JPY): Japan coin

Golden-350(KZT): Kazakhstan coin

Golden-350(KRW): Korea coin

Golden-350(MYR): Malaysia coin

Golden-350(MTL): Malta coin

Golden-350(MXP): Mexico coin

Golden-350(NGN): Nigeria coin

Golden-350(NOK): Norwegian coin

Golden-350(PHP): Philippines coin

Golden-350(PLZ): Poland coin

Golden-350(RUB): Russian coin

Golden-350(SGD): Singapore coin

Golden-350(ZAR): South Africa coin

Golden-350(CHF): Swiss coin

Golden-350(SEK): Swedish coin

Golden-350(TWD): Taiwan coin

Golden-350(THB): Thailand coin

Golden-350(TND): Tunisian coin

Golden-350(TRL): Turkey coin

Golden-350(AED): UAE coin

Golden-350(GBP): UK coin

Golden-350(USD): USA coin

Golden-350(VEB): Venezuelan coin 

Golden-350(VND): Vietnam coin


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