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Multi Currency value Counting Banknote Counter


Banknote counterfeiting techniques are becoming more sophisticated and widespread and effective counterfeit detection is more important than ever. Counterfeit detection needs vary widely, depending on the particular the advanced detection technology. Golden-2000 banknote counters with the capability of value count for banknote, can put a mixture of notes on it and get the total amount. This machine will only give you the value of the bills counted. For instance if you have a stack of 10 ,EUR20 bills, the machine will tell you that you have EUR200.00. . This function suitable following banknote: European Euro, Malaysian Dollar, Thai Baht, Saudi Arabian Riyal, South African Rand, Singapore Dollar, Polish Zloty, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, UK Pound, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollars, Danish Krona, Taiwan Dollars, Swedish Krona, Chinese Yuan.




All menu operation

Two counting speeds

Versatile mode setting: value/sheet count, free/preset Count

Basic Detection Function: Double/half/chain notes detection

Counterfeit detection: 

*UV-Counterfeit detection system

*DD-Size (in width dimension) detection

*MG-Magnetic counterfeit detection system

*MT-Magnetic security thread detection (THD)

*IR-Infrared detection

*3D-Size (in length dimension) detection

Multi-Currency value-Counting (Euro and other currency)




Feed system: Roller friction system

Counting Speeds:

* Speed-1 = 500 notes/min

* Speed-2 = 800 notes/min

* Speed-3 = 1200 notes/min
* Speed-4 = 1500 notes/min

Countable note size: 50mmx100mm~100mmx185mm

Hopper capacity: Up to 600 notes

Stacker capacity: Up to 200 notes

Power supply: Free Voltage (AC100V~AC240V,50~60Hz)

Power Consumption: 50w


Packing Details:


Dimensions: 249(H)X279(W)X310(D)mm

Net Weight: 7.4kg

Qty/Carton: 2 Units

G.Wt./Carton: 18.00 kg

Carton Size: 73X39X38cm




Euro and other currency



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