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Portable & Rechargeable Battery Banknote Counter


Golden-100 banknote counter is a portable currency counter which built-in a high quality MCCD (Multi Currency Counterfeit Detectors). When turn on IR, MT, MG and UV functions, it can 100% recognize the counterfeit notes of EURO, GBP and RMB. Portable, Intelligent counterfeit detecting, Low Noise and work stably are Golden-100 special features. Golden-100 machine equipped with backup battery (Options), the suitable occasion that not fixed, it is more flexible and convenient and portable.




Sheets free counting and batch counting function.

1) ADD function

2) Batch function

3) Half note detection  

4) Chain note detection  

5) Double-note detection  

6) Width detection function

7) UV counterfeit detection (option)

8) MG counterfeit detection (option)

9) Metal thread (MT) detection (option)

10) Inferred character (IR) detection (option)

11) Portable and multi power supply function (Car Power Rechargeable Power Source Rechargeable)




1) Ambient Temperature: 0C- 40C

2) Ambient Humidity: 25% - 80%

3) Feed System: Roller Friction System

4) Hopper Capacity: 120 old bills or 200 new bills

5) Stacker Capacity: 120 old bills or 200 new bills

6) Size of Countable Bills: 40mm X 110mm - 100mm X 175mm

7) Thickness of Countable Bills: 0.06mm - 0.15mm

8) Counting Result Display: Four Green Digits LED

9) Batch Preset Number Display: Three Red Digits LED

10) Remove Display: Four Digits LED (Green)

11) Power Source: AC100 V ~ 230V, 50 - 60 Hz or Rechargeable Battery (Options).

12) Power Consumption: < 20 W

13) Net Weight: 2.8 kg

14) Counting Speed: 1,000 notes/min





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