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  Value Banknote Counter >> Value Banknote Counter (Golden-850)

Professional EURO Value Banknote Counter

Banknote counterfeiting techniques are becoming more sophisticated and widespread and effective counterfeit detection is more important than ever. Counterfeit detection needs vary widely, depending on the particular the advanced detection technology. The Golden-850 banknote counter features a unique function for determining the value of counted notes. After the notes have been counted, the total amount and subtotals for each note value are displayed. This machine will only give you the value of the bills counted. For instance if you have a stack of 10 ,EUR20 bills, the machine will tell you that you have EUR200.00. . The Counterfeit detection functions are by UV, MG, MT. The mixed counting functions are by color sensors +MT+DD.




ADD function

Batch function

Half note detection

Chain note detection

Double-note detection

Width detection function

UV counterfeit detection

MG counterfeit detection

Metal thread detection

Euro value-Counting



Counting speed: 600, 1000, 1600 notes/min
Hopper capacity: 400 notes
Stacker capacity:200 notes
Suitable note size: 50 x 90mm ~ 110 x180 mm
Thickness: 0.075-0.15mm
Large LCD display:
Counting display: 7digits
Batch display: 3 digits
Consumption power: 50W
Power requirements: 100V ~250V AC, 50/60Hz


Packing Details:

1pc/ctn packing:
Carton size: 34X33.5X34.5cm
G.W.: 7kg
2pc/ctn packing:
Carton dimensions: 64X33.5X33 cm

G.W.: 14.00 kg

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