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  Banknote Detector >> Money Detector (Golden-131)


UV & MG - 2 In 1 Mini Money Detector


Take out the battery-insulating piece


UV detecting


Press UV button the fluorescent patterns can be seen on the banknote.


Magnetism detecting


Press MG button, the power indicator turns on, rub the equipment with the magnetic head over the magnetic area of banknote, a reminding sound "Bi Bi " can be heard, if magnetic in k or magnet code were recognized.


Battery placement: please replace batteries immediately when a weak sound or darker light is released. At first, unscrew the battery cover, then, take out the exhausted batteries and put in new batteries. Finally, screw back the battery cover


Packing Details:


Qty/Carton: 200 Units

G.Wt./Carton: 11.00 kg

Carton Size: 48.00X32.00X41.50 cm




Big magnetic head

Little magnetic head



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