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Trendy Streamline Double Hopper Auto Flip Banknote Counter


Golden-180 is Double Hopper Auto Flip Banknote Counter Machine. This Banknote Counter machine can two method place currency stack, place currency stack face down evenly on front feeder plate, or place currency stack in vertical position on feeder plate. This Banknote Counter Machine have the trendy streamline low noise design, smoother friction roller, the convenience turns on the faceplate, is advantageous for the service maintenance.



The Word Initiating.

New Conception New Design.

Trendy streamline low noise design.

Smoother Friction roller.

Multi-Function Banknote Counter.

Banknotes of different width can be detected.


Suitable for Multi-Currency.

Pre-set and Variable Batch Counting.

Double Hopper Auto Flip (face down evenly or vertical position).

The convenience turns on the faceplate, is advantageous for the service maintenance.




Feed system: Roll Friction system

Hopper & Stacker capacity: up to 200 notes

Size of countable note: 50X100mm~100X182mm

Counting speed: 1000 notes/min

Power Consumption: 40W

Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Unit size: 279(w)x272(d)x210(h)mm

Weight: N.W. 7 Kg

Qty/Carton: 2 Units

G.Wt./Carton: 15.80 kg

Carton Size: 69X36X30 cm




UV - Ultraviolet Ray Detection

MG - Magnetic Ink Detection

MT - Metal Thread Detection


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